Curriculum Feature


Small group teaching is the most suitable way for K1 children. By actively involving and exchanging ideas in groups, small group teaching is a student-centered teaching method and it avoids teachers being the dominant role in class. Instead, children are able to express their thoughts freely in their groups and learn to accept and respect the others.


Scope Preschool Project is advocated by Jean Piaget, he suggested that children are active learners who have good learning abilities towards the environment.

With the High/Scope Preschool Project, it enhances the chances for children to get in touch with the environment with rich materials, allowing them to explore according to their abilities, needs and interests. We hope to achieve the following goals:

  1. Increase the consciousness and self-autonomy in children’s learning.
  2. Let children to gain joy and the sense of success in the process of active learning.


Vision of The Project Approach:

The Project Approach suggests that children shall learn autonomously by attaching importance to children’s inner learning motivation with the guidance of teachers. The Project Approach is to do researches on a topic or issue with the aim of “children-centered”. We hope to achieve the following goals:
1. Encourage children to do self-learning according to their interests.
2. Cultivate good learning attitude for children, for example: high autonomy, ability in solving problems, high learning motivation, high curiosity and imagination as well as a sense of responsibility.