The 1430th Hong Kong Grasshopper-Scouts

  The school has established The 1430th Hong Kong Grasshopper-Scouts since 2003, the main target is our students. The leaders choreographed diverse gatherings to let the scouts develop their abilities in different life-learning experiences, and enjoy the process of growing up happily with peers.

        In addition to on-campus activities, the most profound gathering for scouts is the annual visit to the elderly center.
Because children need to participate in the process of preparing small gifts and performances, performing performances and condolences to the elderly from the preparation process to the visit to the elderly center. To help them understand the needs of the community and develop a caring attitude and the meaning of “To do a good turn every day”.

        The scouts keep pace with the times, we follow Scout Association guidelines and change the uniform to a light orange crop top and white shorts, to suit the needs of the Scouts participating in various training activities.

      Finally, I hope the parents can support us to continue to train more scouts, help them develop their strengths in a balanced way, and carry forward the spirit of scouts in the district.